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    Post  meek61480 on Tue Mar 23, 2010 3:46 am

    i wanted to touch base on the basics of turbo and superchargers. i know most of us already know...but i am gonna explain it. first the point of forced induction. it forces air/fuel into the combustion chamber in order to create more power. the more fuel/air you get into the chamber the better. N/A motors can only do so much. forced induction is best used on low compression. like somthing that comes stock with a turbo will have lower compression than a civic. TURBO....has 2 compressor wheels, one is ran by the exhaust gasses and one does the pushing. turbo will be much more tunable as far as boost goes..( PSI or BAR ) usually if done right by a push of a button. turbo is more prominent at high rpm. super chargers are different in there is a few ddifferent kinds. twin scrolls are very popular on V8 applications. another type would be like a turbo..( intake housing almost the same) any supercharger will be run by a belt of some sort. i know i am not a know it all and i missed a few little things, but that is what i know.

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    Re: turbo...supercharged

    Post  branga on Fri Mar 26, 2010 7:24 pm

    supercharger has less lag and is more responsive but turbocharger is more efficient and can make higher numbers.

    Also if you plan on boosting make sure to get your engine tuned

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    Re: turbo...supercharged

    Post  cornercarver on Sun Mar 28, 2010 2:25 am

    You should tune your engine after adding a supercharger too.

    I'll add some basics about turbos:

    There are two wheels shaped like fan blades that are connected by a shaft. Exhaust gas passes over one wheel, causing it to spin. The other wheel is connected to the intake system and sucks more air into your engine to make more power.

    Generally, a larger turbo will spool up slower than a small one, but will flow more thus making more power. Too small a turbo will spool very quickly, but not flow enough air and will limit power. "Spool" is when the turbo spins faster to build boost, or flow more air. Drag cars and highway monsters benefit from big turbos, while road and track cars typically use a small to medium size turbo. The engine displacement plays a large role in how quickly a turbo spools up.

    The turbo compresses the air into your engine, allowing more fuel to be burned and more power. As air is compressed though, it gets hot. If the intake air is too hot it will cause your engine to detonate. Detonation is when the chamber fires before the piston reaches the top and this causes broken sad engines.
    Intercoolers, nitrous, and methanol injection can be used to lower intake temperature.


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    Re: turbo...supercharged

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