suspension setup

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    suspension setup

    Post  meek61480 on Mon Apr 05, 2010 3:42 am

    just wanted to touch base on suspension setups. the most common is lowering springs. on alot of cars you CAN go too low. too low to a point of handling during agressive driving. most cars can handle lowering springs with stock struts/shocks. the most common side effect is pre,maturely wearing out the strut/shock by bottoming out the strut/shock piston. another way to go is the lowering spring and shock combo. that way you dont run the risk of damageing the strut. in my personal experiance, coilovers are the only way to go. do take in mind on most cars a camber kit is a very good idea as well as an alignment. so if you have the extra money, go for the coilovers, just stay away from the cheap ones. i have personaly had 2 sets and they were H&R. they were very nice...but spendy.

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